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Banner advertising
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Banner advertising is the best way of attracting potential investors` attention to your hyip project, or a fund. HYIP administrators of MonitorInvest.info(ru). com monitorings tried to make their banner base convenient and clear for everyone;

Our banner places are non-rotating. Having ordered a banner for a week or a month, it will be seen to all the visitors of our monitoring for the paid period. After payment your banner will be switched on after administrator`s checking. We recommend you to contact with hyip admin of AddHyip. com monitoring in order to get recommendations on the effectiveness of banners placing.

We made dropdown listing sections on hyip monitoring of MonitorInvest.info(ru), and according to practice, non-effective at first sight 468x60 banners catch visitors` attention immediately, who are looking for hyip projects, funds, and investment programs. Nearly all the places for banners are on the top of the monitoring, and it means, they are visible to all the visitors of hyip monitoring of MonitorInvest.info(ru).

We tried to do our best while working with banner advertising on hyip monitoring of MonitorInvest.info(ru) and we hope you will be satisfied with the results.
Now we only accept:
P.S. Don`t try to advertise fraudulent hyip projects (SCAM). HYIPs monitoring of MonitorInvest.info(ru) reserves the right to del banners of any shady hyip projects. We don`t make refunds for banners placing in any case, if your hyip fund or program stopped working. All this money will be paid to our referrals as compensation. If we delete your banner, it is once and for all.

Our LibertyReserveсчет:  U2154878. PerfectMoney  U1780574.

 All other accounts are false. Be attentive while paying for banners.

- A rotating banner in logo (468*60)
Price per week: $10. Price per month: $30

- A big banner (728*90) in the upper zone
Price per week: $25. Price per month: $80.

- A banner above listings(468*60)
Price per week: $15. Price per month: $40.

- Mini banners on the left above
Price per week: $5. Price per month: $20.

Our LibertyReserveсчет:  U2154878. PerfectMoney  U1780574.
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The subject is actual.
Subject we lift top.
I wait for offers.
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